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  • September 14, 2017



Please note that not all website content can be edited using front end admin. If you need to edit additional parts of your website please get in touch


  1. Click the 'Login' link at the bottom of the website home page
  2. Type in you username and password
  3. Press the 'Log in' button
  4. Once logged in a new menu item will appear called 'User Menu'

Edit a Page

  1. Login as above
  2. Navigate to the page you wish to make changes to
  3. Click the 'Edit' link
  4. Wait for the page edit screen to appear
  5. Make any changes
  6. After your changes have been made press the 'Save' button

IMPORTANT: Always either press the Save or Cancel buttons rather than using your browser back button to come out of the edit screen. Using the browser back button leaves your page in edit mode so it may be locked next time you try and edit it.

Image Galleries

Please see the link below for instructions on using/adding/editing image galleries



  1. Click the 'Login' link at the bottom of the website home page
  2. Press the 'Log out' button



Edit Products

  1. Login to the url above
  2. From the menu Virtuemart/Products
  3. Select Product
  4. Edit as required
  5. Press 'Save'


Images(not Galleries)

Besides inserting image galleries into content there are two other types of images you can apply to your articles/pages these are Intro/Main images and Images in Content

Article/page Intro and Main

Inserting Images into content 

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