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What tasks do Wrap up Web complete to optimise your website?

  • September 7, 2017

Here at Wrap up Web we believe in Natural Search Engine Optimisation before PPC(Pay Per Click eg Google AdWords). This means we try and get your website as far up the naturals listings as possible before considering a PPC option.

What is a natural listing?

It is being found using keywords and/or phrases resulting in being listed on the first pages of the search engines without paying anything to them.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click is where you pay the search engine to display your Advert before the natural listings based on how much you are prepared to pay per click. The more you pay the more likely you are to have your advert displayed.

How does Wrap up Web get your website displayed in the natural listings?

If you choose to have Wrap up Web regularly update your Search Engine Optimisation to help you appear as far up the natural listings as possible here a summary list of some of the type of tasks we complete to ensure your website gets found in the major search engines. These tasks are not done all at once, they are completed in a timely manner to ensure the search engines see your website is improving and being updated which is one of the factors that rank you higher.  

  • Link your website to Google Analytics
  • Submit your site to Google Search(Webmaster Tools)
  • Link your GA account to Google Search
  • Create and Send monthly SEO reports from Google Analytics
  • Keyword placement/Insertion into Page Title, Page Description, Page Content, Image Alt Text
  • Ensure your site is fully responsive on all devices: google now prioritises a mobile website over a desktop site when it comes to ranking
  • Set your preferred domain www or non-www
  • Secure your website using hack prevention and SSL for example
  • Create site maps for the search engines to find
  • Configure a suitable robots.txt file that further assists the search engines to find you sitemaps
  • Submit your website to the major search Engines such as Google, Bing/Yahoo, Yandex etc
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Create H1/H2 page headings
  • Create Favicon
  • Implement Fast Caching
  • Enable GZip Compression
  • Enable Email address clocking
  • Enable Google recaptcha
  • Embed your Social Media into your website
  • Submit your website to the major Business Directories(only if you have a business location)
  • Provide an SEO report proving good SEO implementation

SEO Disclaimer

Some SEO tasks take an indeterminate amount time for the resulting SEO improvements to be reflected in search engines. Wrap up Web has no control over the period of time it takes search engine providers to reflect changes performed by Wrap up Web.

Wrap up Web gives no guarantee of ranking results in search engines. We ensure every possible task has been completed to increase the chances of keywords/phrases ranking as high as possible without the use of PPC(Pay Per Click)

Please note, access to Google accounts used to complete SEO is dependant on whether a client or Wrap up Web's Google Account is used to configure Google Analytics/Google Webmaster integration.

Can I SEO my Website myself?

Yes you can see below for our instructions for each Content Management System

Joomla Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) guidelines

WordPress Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) guidelines (Coming Soon)

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