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Free to use Keyword/Phrase generation and ranking tools

  • March 23, 2018

A selection of links to free tools and apps that can be used to create and/or monitor the performance of your Keywords/Phrases


How well does your website rank based on a your prefered keywords/phrases





Android app 'SERP Mojo'

See how well your chosen keywords are ranking for your website or a competitors website. Install the FREE Android App ‘SERP Mojo’

iPhone app 'Applyzer'


CREATING Keyword/Phrases and checking performance

Stuck for ideas on what keywords/phrases to use?

Google Trends

Use Google Trends in the Chrome Incognito Browser to compare keywords so the most used can be identified. Incognito allows searching without the bias of your search history/location. Click here to find out how to find the best keywords for your website

Google Analytics

Ideally used after initial SEO has been completed to ensure continued SEO improvement 

See the report under Reporting/Acquisition/Search Console/Queries

This report gives the keywords (search queries) used that generated a number of listings(impressions) of your website in google search results. It then shows the number of times those results were actually clicked on(clicks).

These figures give, what is called, a Click Through Rate(CTR). The higher the CTR the better. Therefore those keywords with a high CTR need to be included in your website

Keyword Tool

Use the free tool below

From the dropdown select select google.co.uk


Google Adwords

If you have a Google Adwords account

Tools/Keyword Planner/’Search for new…” 

Type in example keywords, landing page and product category then press button then look at ‘Keyword Ideas’ Tab

Keyword Competitor benchmarking

Compare keywords across multiple websites. Keyword Battle -Compare a keyword ranking for two websites 


Top Ranked Websites by Keyword


Check keyword presence

http://www.zippy.co.uk/keyworddensity/ then ‘Words’ Tab

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