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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Explained - Theme Park Analogy

  • January 3, 2020

Think of your WEBSITE as a Theme park. You want VISITORS to visit your Theme Park.

Think of MARKETING as a bus. On this bus is your amazing ADVERT. You've spent a lot of money on your advert, which offers potential visitors half price entrance and a free ride to your Theme Park.

Your marketing bus needs a driver. You are the MANAGER of the Theme Park therefore you drive the bus, or if you haven't got time to drive the bus, you find someone to drive it. The bus cannot drive on its own!

Now think of the INTERNET as an area/location you want to attract visitors from, to your Theme Park. Maybe you don't get many visitors to your Theme Park from Townsville, so you need to send your bus there? Before you set of to Townsville make sure your bus advert appeals to Townsville folk then hopefully when you arrive at Townsville you will bring back as many visitors from Townsville as you can.  

Think of the WORLD WIDE WEB as the whole world made up of continents, countries, town/cities in those countries and areas in those towns/cities. Its massive! there's no way you can afford to send your bus around the whole world, the fuel bill would me enormous and it's basically impractical as you only have one Theme Park in one country. One day you may well have a Theme Park in every country in the world, but for now let's be practical and focus on our Theme Park and attracting visitors to it. 

Now think of the SEARCH ENGINE COMPANIES SUCH AS GOOGLE as providing a map of the Internet showing the many routes you can take to drive your bus to your potential visitors. There are many hundreds of routes you could take to drive to Townville and when you get to Townsville there are also many other routes to drive to the different areas within Townsville. Driving your bus to where your potential visitors are is critical. No point driving your amazing bus with its amazing advert down an empty road.

Now think of SEO as fuel. Without fuel you cannot drive to your visitors to show them your amazing advert on your bus and then drive them to your Theme Park. Like fuel, SEO is something you could try and make yourself but if you tried you'd probably end up blowing your bus up with you in it. You buy fuel from the garage where you know it is approved for use in your bus. SEO is the same, you need to source it from a supplier who knows how to make it. As with all suppliers there are different brands of fuel and different grades of fuel. Not all fuel is correct for all buses so getting the right fuel from the right garage is important. However, the fuel does the same thing for everyone regardless, it allows your bus the drive along the routes top get to your potential visitors. 


MARKETING COMPANIES can provide a bus, maintain the bus and provide a driver for you, if you're too busy running your Theme Park, but this has to be paid for.

SEO COMPANIES are like garages. They can...

  • Supply the fuel that ensures your bus can be driven to where your potential visitors are
  • Ensure your bus takes the best and quickest routes to drive straight to your potential visitors 

So you decide you want to bring in more visitors from Townsville to your Theme Park? 

Your project to bring in more visitors from Townsville will require a TOWNSVILLE MARKETING CAMPAIGN bus. 

You will need 

  • a bus
  • an amazing Advert on the side of your bus
  • a driver that knows where they are going and has a route map all planned out
  • lots of fuel
You are now ready to set out in your bus to Townsville to attract as many visitors as you can then drive them to your Theme Park.

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