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Google My Business (GMB) / Google Maps - Managing and Maximising

  • June 18, 2022

Getting good reviews on Google Maps (Google My Business) is essential to improve your ranking in the search engines so your website appears high up the rankings when users are looking for your services.

More positive reviews = Higher up the rankings*

*there are lots of other factors too but this is a good one

Here we discuss how to manage and maximise your Google My Business (GMB) entry to its full potential. 

I don't yet have a GMB(Goole Maps) entry for my business so would like to create one myself

If you do not yet have a GMB Maps entry then you can visit our SEO support article PART 6 - OPTIONAL SEO TASKS AND RETEST (6.0.1) to find out how to create a GMB/Google Maps entry by using a Google account. Once you have a GMB(Google Maps) entry you can follow the instructions below to manage it. 

Wrap up web have given me access to manage a GMB(Google Maps) entry they have already set up

If you have been given access by Wrap up Web to manage a GMB(Google Maps) entry then please follow the instructions below to manage your entry. 

Manage and Maximise your Google My Business (GMB) entry

  1. Open Chrome Browser
  2. Ensure you are logged in to the Google account that has either been used to create the GMB entry or used to give access to manage it by Wrap up Web.
  3. Visit https://business.google.com
  4. Your Business should be listed only if the correct Google account has been logged into that is associated with it
  5. Click on your business.

This is your Google My Business (GMB) Summary page

Posts (Optional)
Rather like Facebook Business Pages for Google this is where you can post about your business. More great stories about what you do, how you do it and how happy your customers are need to go here if you have the time?

Info (Critical)
Make sure everything in here is completed and up to date. Particularly pay attention to the Service areas if you do NOT have a business location. If you have a business location make sure the address is correct.

Insights(For information only)
Essential information to discover how your business is performing in GMB


A - If you don't have any reviews at all

Bad news, you need some

A good review in Google My Business/Google Maps can improve your ranking in Search Results. Ask your customers to give you a review on Google by searching for you in Google/Google maps.

Share a link to your customers so they can give you a great review

You can also share a link with your customers so they can leave you a positive review, follow the instructions below to generate your own link....


Once generated you could...

  1. Add the link to the bottom of your emails ie in your signature
  2. Send the link out to your customers
  3. Share the link on Facebook or other Social media platform

B - You have some positive Reviews

Great! keep up the good work Higher rankings in Google here we come.

C - You have some negative Reviews

Don't panic! You need to reply to them in a positive way, reassuring the customers their review will be addressed and welcoming further feedback as a result.

A negative review turned around in Google is another way to improve your ranking. Not addressing a negative review is not. 

Further advise on negative GMB reviews


Select if required

A photo tells a thousand words! Make sure you upload some photos and they are up to date. If you have a business location provide photos of your shop and things happening.

If you do not have a business location then photos that represent the service/s you provide or location service area must be used. For example; if you have a service area 'Merseyside UK' then iconic photos of liverpool could be used? 

Ideal if you have ecommerce and sell products

Ensure this is completed in full. Add the services you provide. 

For example if you are a building company offering the following main services; Commercial and Domestic 

Within Commercial you supply Office Buildings, Sport Centres and Playgrounds
Within Domestic you supply Extensions, Roofing and Bathrooms 

Add a Business Category 'Commercial' and within it add 'Services' Office Buildings, Sport Centres and Playgrounds

Then add a Business Category 'Domestic' and within it add 'Services' Extensions, Roofing and Bathrooms

Google Website Promotion. This is NOT needed if you already have a website. Do not complete this if you already have a website as having two websites will confuses users and affect your SEO.

You can add other users here who can edit/manage you GMB entry. Helpful if you have someone within your business that you would like to update GMB. Note users will need a Google account to be added.


Removing Photos Submitted by other users

See the link below for help


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