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  • May 29, 2019


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an essential but time consuming task that ensures your website is firstly found by the major Search Engines such as Google and Bing then secondly it is listed in the search results when a user types in related keywords/phrases that match related keywords/phrases in your website.

Ideally you want your website at the top of that list but the major search engines uses algorithms(formulas) to decide who goes at the top and when. These algorithms are unknown to some extent but the search engines do provide guidelines to ensure we are building websites that can be found. These guidelines change on a regular basis so Search Engine Optimisation is a forever evolving technology as the goal posts are moved by the Search Engines. 

Search Engine Optimisation is not the same as Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC is where you pay the Search Engines to feature your website above/below the natural results listings as an advert. These guidelines are purely dealing with natural SEO not PPC.

These guidelines can be followed in 7 parts.








For purposes of demonstration we will be using a fictitious business called Liverpool Building Services that have two fictional websites liverpoolbuildingservices.co.uk and liverpooljoineryservices.co.uk

Please note if you are a customer of Wrap up Web and have purchased a website that includes initial SEO(not ongoing SEO) all the SEO covered in these sections will be completed by Wrap up Web.

These guidelines reference both the Joomla and WordPress Content Management Systems(CMS) throughout. However, we will simply refer to the 'CMS' where any CMS applies. The guidelines can be applied to any website CMS.

These guidelines are updated on a regular basis as SEO practice changes to ensure they are as effective as possible. However, they give no guarantee of ranking position. They will simply ensure your website ranks as high as it can in the natural listings. 

If you wish to get your website in the top Ads in Google or Bing above the natural listings this is called PPC(Pay Per Click) eg Google AdWords. Please note that PPC is not covered in any of these guidelines. 

DISCLAIMER: Wrap up Web take no responsibility for any changes in ranking either up or down as a result of following these guidelines. Every effort has been made to ensure any information contained in these guidelines is as up to date as can be.


Before we start Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) there are a few tasks worth doing that will make life easier as we go forward into the other sections, these are covered in this section. 

1.0 What you need to do before you begin SEO

Before you commence with the SEO of your website here is a checklist of things you will need...

  1. To submit your website to Google you will need a free Google account. Click here to create a free Google account
  2. To submit your website to Bing(Yahoo) you will need a free Microsoft(formally known as hotmail) account Click here to create a free Microsoft account
  3. To work with Google apps such as Analytics and Search Console you will need Google Chrome Browser installed on your PC/Laptop Click here to download Chrome
  4. CMS Back end Admin access (If unsure please contact us to confirm you have this)

Please check with Wrap up Web if you suspect either a Google or Bing account has already been used to SEO your website. If you repeat tasks using multiple Google/Bing accounts this may affect your ranking as duplicate entries are not beneficial to ranking placement. Please contact Wrap up Web to check first if you are unsure.

1.1 What Wrap up Web will do before SEO is begun

1.1.1 Install the required CMS Extensions for Joomla or Wordpress


The following Joomla extensions should already be installed in your Joomla website backend admin panel, if they are not or you are unsure please contact us.


The following WordPress Plugins should already be installed in your Wordpress website backend admin panel, if they are not or you are unsure please contact us.

  • Yoast SEO Plugin - Google Search Console Integration and Open Graph for Facebook and Twitter Card Tags - (Helps implement good SEO and optimisers page SEO)
  • GDPR Plugin (Implements GDPR functionality)
  • Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights (Connects Google Analytics to your website)
  • WordFence Security Plugin (Keeps your website safe from hackers)
  • Plugin Email Encoder – Protect Email Address by Ironikus (Protects emails from being harvested by Autobots)
  • WP Super Cache Plugin (Speeds up your website for users)
  • WP Plugin 'Smush Image Compression and Optimisation' by WPMU DEV (Optimises images to improve SEO)
  • WP Plugin 'Imsanity' by Shane Bishop' (Reduces Uploaded Image sizes)

1.1.2 Enable email Anti Spam and security

If you are using Wrap up Web email servers for your email we will enable enable Anti-Spam services, account filtering to a Junk folder and enable DKIM & SPF Email Authentication. Performing these tasks on your email account tells the IT providers such as Microsoft and Google that your emails are coming from a trusted and secure server. This helps your reputation for the domain name you are using on your website. A blacklisted domain due to excessive spam is not good for SEO.

1.2 Decide upon your preferred domain

Before you commence with any SEO you will need to decide whether your website will display as 

mywebsite.com OR www.mywebsite.com

One of the mistakes sometimes made when building a website is that both exist at the same. This confuses the search engines into thinking you have two websites with duplicate information so this affects ranking.

At Wrap up Web we prefer to use the cleaner non-www option by default. Once decide you can then tell the search engines which version your site is at. How to tell the search engine which is your prefered version is discussed later. 

If you want your website to display at www rather than non-www or vice versa please contact Wrap up Web so we can set this up before any SEO is performed on your website

1.3 Run a check to see how your site SEO is currently performing/scoring

By doing this you can compare your performance/score before SEO and after.

Visit the free websites below and run a free check, we recommend

https://www.seoptimer.com(as many checks as you like)

You will be given a score from F to A+. Make a note of this score so you can compare it to a score after you have optimised your website.

https://seositecheckup.com/ (one check per day)

You will be given a % score. Make a note of this score so you can compare it to a score after you have optimised your website.

Other free SEO analysis websites

1.4 Get your Keywords/Phrases together

When someone types into a search engine to find something, they use a keyword/s or phrase to try and find what they need. 

For example if you are a Builder in Liverpool then if someone is looking for a builder in Liverpool to build them a new house extension they might type in some or all of the following into a search engine 

builder liverpool
bathroom extension
garage extension
loft extension
house builder
barn conversion

These keywords/phrases need to be anticipated and listed by yourself so you can include these partly or fully into your website. A search engine can then find them and then match them up to what a user is looking for during a user search. Its as simple as that. The list can be as short or as long as you like as long as you have managed to list the main keywords/phrases you believe users will be typing in when looking for your services/goods etc. 

WARNING: Using any old keywords in your website will get you taken down in the search result rankings not up. Keywords need to be relevant to your business and your business only. You are meant to be helping a user find you because you provide the service they need not luring them in with false keywords for them only to discover you do not provide what they need or worse you have lured them in to sell a different services/goods. 

The search engines do not like their users not finding what they need because if users are taken to sites that are not relevant they may no longer use that search engine so the search engines could lose customers and reputation. The search Engines actively search out false and/or duplicate and/or misleading content so will derank any site it sees as deceiving its users. The search engines WILL find out and rank you lower than your competitors who are not doing this. You have been warned.

1.4.1 How to choose the best keyword?

To enable untracked browsing to test your keywords and other SEO metrics you will need to open a new Google Chrome Incognito Window. This is a browser window that does not save history or other data such as Cookies so you can search as someone who is not logged into a Google account(ie Incognito). To open a new window in incognito open Google Chrome Browser and in the top right click the 3 dots and select 'New Incognito Window' 

Let's first check what people are looking for around the topic Builders Liverpool. Open a new Chrome incognito window in your browser and start typing in the Google search box Builders Liverpool. As you type the first most important words start to appear underneath. For example some keywords that appear when you start typing are...

builders near me
builders liverpool area
builders liverpool facebook

Using this method you can pick up on the strongest/most typed in other keywords for your keyword. As a business/organisation using this method you can put together a list of preferred keywords for example.

builder liverpool
bathroom extension liverpool area
facebook garage extension
loft extension facebook
house builder near me
liverpool barn conversion
builders near me
builders liverpool area
builders liverpool facebook

1.4.2 Find out which keyword/s are stronger ie trending

Now you've got a list of keywords you can use Google Trends to find out if any other keyword combinations are stronger than the ones suggested by Google using the Incognito window. Remember to continue working in the incognito window, this way any data collected by Google on your browser habits do not affect the results. To access Google Trends visit the following url in the incognito window. 


Type in your first keyword into the 'Explore Topics' box such as builders liverpool and press enter.

Take a look at the graph from Google Trends. This shows how well that keyword has performed over a period of time. Now press the 'Compare' link and add another keyword such as builders near me

You can instantly see that builders near me is used far more than builders liverpool

This way you can prioritise those keywords that are important to your business and should be used in preference to others ie placed in your website where they can be found. as a result of checking all your proposed keywords you can reoder your keywords list to put the most important at the top

builders near me
loft extension facebook
house builder near me
facebook garage extension
builders liverpool facebook
builder liverpool
bathroom extension liverpool area
builders liverpool area
liverpool barn conversion

1.4.3 Further help

Click below for further help generating Keywords/Phrases or how to find out how well your website is ranking for a particular keyword.

Guide to KeyWords/Phrase generation and Ranking

1.5 Monitor your Keyword/Phrase Ranking

Now you have your list of keywords/phrases you can embedded them into your website in the right places, which we will discuss in the next section. 

However, you will ultimately want to know how well your website is ranking using these keywords/phrases so it is good to start monitoring them from the very beginning before you optimise your website so you can see how Search Engine Optimisation had hopefully had had a positive effect improving the ranking of your website using those keywords/phrases.

There are many companies on the web that with provide this service but they can be very expensive.  Wrap up Web however recommend using the service below as you can have a free account to check up to 25 keywords/phrases. The service includes an automatic email report to yourself on a regular basis. As your needs grow you can monitor more and more keywords/phrases by paying for just what you need. For example an additional 600 keywords/phrases can be purchased for around only £5 per month.


Other KeyWords/Phrase rank checking tools

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